Transparency: Why Element Apothec Partnered with TagOne

It has always been critical for Element Apothec to provide transparency for our CBD-infused wellness products. Our care for the customer’s health and frustration by lack of integrity in other wellness products drove us to do things better and incorporate modern technologies. This is why we partnered with TagOne, the creators of a Traceability Management System for CBD.

The safety and quality of our products has always been a top priority. Every product has been formulated with the highest-quality ingredients that have been selected for their therapeutic properties which will provide the greatest impact on your health.

While this may seem like a generally straightforward approach, selecting the right suppliers who use approved testing methods and are equally committed to safe, sustainably sourced ingredients is paramount. As we continue to grow, this process can become complex as we closely monitor tests, certifications and samples. This is why we decided to go above and beyond the minimum standards and partner with TagOne to utilize their Traceability Management System that supports supply chain transparency. 

 In our first phase, we are implementing TagOne:Engage, a consumer-focused engagement solution, that will allow us to utilize QR codes on our product labels that share our transparency initiatives including Certificates of Analysis, ingredient sources, certifications, and our commitment to developing clean products that benefit you and don’t harm our planet. We feel it is imperative to operate with complete transparency in order to give you, our customer, confidence in what you are putting in your body.  With their blockchain-enabled technology, we can achieve our goal of 100% transparency by ensuring that all document sources are immutable, from seed-to-sale.

To learn more about our TagOne, visit their website:

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