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Ethical Marketing Policy

At Element Apothec, we believe that marketing efforts should provide genuine value to the target audience. Our marketing strategies are based on honesty and transparency, and we never take advantage of anyone’s personal data. In this policy statement, we outline the ethical marketing practices we follow and the commitments we have made to ensure that our work meets the highest ethical standards of the industry.

Commitment to Honesty

We believe in honesty in all our marketing efforts, both for our own campaigns and for customer and partner-driven projects. Our pledge to honesty in marketing includes:

  • Refraining from using false advertising, fake or doctored reviews, inflated analytics or results
  • Avoiding cherry-picking data that is not representative of a client's overall impact
  • Not withholding negative information from the public
  • Using realistic words to describe products, services, or impact

Ongoing Project-Based Reflections

To ensure honesty in our marketing, we ask ourselves the following questions during the campaign strategy and execution:

  • Are we clearly communicating our product or service's value?
  • Are we using language that honestly communicates the features and benefits of our products and services?
  • Are we accurately quoting customers, partners, and team members when sharing reviews or testimonials?
  • Is our use of data and examples honest and accurate when promoting our products and services?
  • Is there internal pressure to communicate dishonest information?

Commitment to Rejecting Impact Washing

We reject impact washing, the act of exaggerating a business's positive impact to gain a marketing advantage or distract from negative outcomes. Our campaigns are fully honest and transparent about the social and environmental impacts of our or our customer or partner-driven project's work, and we ensure that our marketing and communication strategies do not engage in impact washing.

Commitment to Cultural Sensitivity

We believe in being culturally sensitive in all our campaigns and messages. Our marketing projects will avoid the savior complex and instead promote dignity, understanding, and empowerment. We pledge to:

  • Avoid exploitation, appropriation, or stereotyping of underrepresented or oppressed people or groups
  • Seek feedback on the appropriateness and sensitivity of marketing content
  • Engage in ongoing internal training to increase cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness

Commitment to Permission-Based Email Marketing

We believe in permission-based email marketing, where the recipient of the marketing messages has given permission to receive them. Our email marketing is anticipated, personal, and relevant.


At Element Apothec, we are committed to honesty, transparency, cultural sensitivity, and permission-based marketing. Our efforts are guided by a foundational belief that marketing should be ethical and provide genuine value to the target audience. We are dedicated to ensuring that our work meets or exceeds the highest ethical standards of the industry.