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Become an ELEMENT APOTHEC Brand Ambassador today and help spread the good!

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Join our Brand Ambassador Program today and get early access to products, exclusive discounts, access to educational materials and events, and commissions on sales.

When you join the ELEMENT APOTHEC Brand Ambassador program you're joining a community of like-minded individuals who care about themselves, their friends and family, and the world they live in. You're letting people know that they deserve better not only from the products they buy but from the companies they buy from. It says to the world you're passionate about making a difference and spreading the good. And, on top of all of that, you'll have access to some amazing perks and earn commissions on every sale you drive to our store. Join today and start spreading the good!

Earn Money

When you share your personal shopping link with friends and followers you'll earn commissions on every sale. Starting at 10%, your commission amount increases as your sales increase, up to 20%. And, on top of that, when you refer other Brand Ambassadors to the program you will receive a percentage of their sales as well, up to 10 levels!

Amazing Perks

As a brand ambassador you'll have access to some incredible perks including free products, exclusive discounts and promotions, an opportunity to purchase a "Brand Ambassador Starter Kit" at half-price, opportunities to be featured on our social media, and so much more!

Exclusive Access

We want our brand ambassadors to not only love our products but also be educated about their uses and benefits. That is why you will have access to exclusive webinars and educational materials that you can't get anywhere else!

Join a Community

Join the Movement of Better. Better for you, better for those you know, and better for the planet.

Join today and help spread the good

If you're ready to join our Brand Ambassador Program and help spread the good, simply click the link below to sign up. We're so excited for you to become part of the ELEMENT APOTHEC community!