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Welcome to Element Apothec, where our shared passion and unwavering dedication come together to shape a brand that's all about you. We're the folks behind the scenes – Davina, David, and Dr. Swathi – and we're super excited to share our passion with you. Our journey kicked off with a simple idea: make products that are good for you, inside and out. We're a mixed bunch, but together, we're like a dream team, crafting stuff that's a mix of old wisdom and new smarts. We think nature is pretty amazing, and when we mix it up with science, magic happens. We're not just making things; we're creating with love and care, because we want to share something truly awesome with you. So, come on in and join the Element Apothec family, where we're all about real care and your well-being.


Element Apothec was started from the ground up due to a need for clean, safe and effective products...we were born in Lola’s kitchen.

Around a decade ago, Davina's Great Aunt Lola's life took a turn when she was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases. Struggling with illness and confined to her bed, life was a real challenge. Alongside health issues, life's stressors added to the mix, making things even tougher. The medical experts gave her little hope, predicting a confined existence. Traditional medications weren't an option, and even the usual over-the-counter remedies failed her, sometimes making things worse.

It was then that Lola made a bold decision – to chart her own course to recovery. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery, diving into the realms of plant medicine, essential oils, and natural remedies. She spent years meticulously crafting formulations that worked for her, and eventually, for countless others. Lola's efforts bore fruit, as she not only reclaimed her health but also positively impacted many other lives through 43 unique formulations she developed.

Lola’s dream was to have her great-niece, Davina, take her products and bring them from the kitchen to the world. From these roots we started....


Davina Kaonohi, CEO

With over 20 years of experience propelling eCommerce and Tech ventures to success, Davina Kaonohi is a trailblazer in the industry. Rooted in an indigenous mindset and a fervent advocate of wellness and clean products, Davina has found her place as the CEO of Element Apothec. From her entrepreneurial journey, beginning as a ten-year-old lei seller in Hana, to her aerospace contributions at Jet Propulsion Labs, her ascent in eCommerce and tech, and her role as a three-time founder, Davina epitomizes unwavering determination and innovation. Passionately committed to driving positive change, Davina's path is guided by the spirit of Aloha, inspiring her to challenge norms and foster transformation in the world.

David Crowther, COO

David Crowther is a versatile entrepreneur and creative with a BA in Cinema-Television from the University of Southern California. His career showcases his versatility, having worked across entertainment and marketing, health and wellness, consumer packaged goods, medical, sports, and non-profit domains. David's journey is an amalgamation of expertise, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, resonating with the core values of Element Apothec. From mastering the art of creative production to being at the helm of a purpose-driven wellness brand, David Crowther's story is one of innovation, empowerment, and creating positive change.

Dr. Swathi Varanasi, CSO

Dr. Swathi Varanasi, a dynamic first-generation South Asian American, embodies diverse talents and passions that have shaped her journey. Growing up amidst dance, music, and entrepreneurial inspiration, Swathi's early exposure to Ayurvedic remedies ignited a lifelong belief in the power of nature as medicine. Armed with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, she co-founded a postdoctoral residency program, created online courses on integrative medicine, and seamlessly transitioned her expertise to Element Apothec. As a driving force behind product innovation and education, Swathi's commitment to evidence-based wellness enriches the brand's mission. Her journey, encapsulating a rich blend of tradition and innovation, epitomizes Element Apothec's commitment to holistic health and beauty.



The journey of Element Apothec didn't stop with Lola's remarkable recovery. In fact, it was just the beginning of an incredible chapter. Armed with 43 life-changing formulations Lola had carefully crafted, our desire was to share her amazing formulations with the world. This passion led us to embark on a mission – a mission to combine Lola's ancestral wisdom with modern science and make her creations accessible to all. To ensure the highest standards of safety and efficacy, we teamed up with a dedicated group of medical professionals who shared our vision. Together, we meticulously refined and perfected Lola's formulations, making sure they met the rigorous standards necessary to bring them into the mainstream. It's a partnership that bridges generations and blends tradition with innovation, empowering us to offer you products that are not only effective but also backed by medical expertise.
The next chapter of our story begins now as we grow Element Apothec into a thriving community of like-minded indiviuals looking to not only improve their own wellness, but shape the world in the process. Join us on this journey and make an impact today.