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Article: Hot Tips for Dry January

Hot Tips for Dry January

Hot Tips for Dry January


When the New Year arrives, many of us find ourselves committing to new habits and attempting to give up old ones that no longer serve us. Making resolutions signifies our desire to take steps forward for positive change and well-being. Even if we are unsuccessful in making all the changes, the resolution will lead us to focus and take steps toward mindfulness of our actions.  Whether your resolution is to exercise more, eat healthier or commit to a dry January, CBD can be a tool and alternative to that nightly cocktail. Here’s why you should consider using CBD:

Better restful sleep

It’s very common for alcohol to be used as a sleep aid; however, alcohol takes away your quality of sleep and disrupts your sleep. CBD in contrast promotes healthy sleep, falling asleep more easily and deeper sleep with regular use of CBD. Quality sleep promotes more energy, better quality cognition, better mood, and a feeling of centeredness and well-being. (1,2)

Reducing feelings of stress

Very often when people reach for a glass of wine or a cocktail, it is for stress relief. Unfortunately, at the moment it may work for them, but the overall effects of alcohol are temporary feelings of relaxation. Alcohol can cause dehydration, nausea, negative mood, and so much more. CBD is helpful with feelings of stress and soothes that overwhelmed feelings and helps maintain wellness and balance without negative effects. (3,4)

Enjoy the start of the new yearholidays without impairment

One of the main reasons that people want to reduce or eliminate their alcohol intake is the impairment that follows. The intoxicating effects of alcohol alter your judgment, and your mood and can affect you physically. CBD is a great option for those who prefer to not experience the negative effects of alcohol and would rather ease stress through relaxation and be present, not impaired.(5,6)

Tips for sticking with your New Year’s resolution

  1.       Define your goal

  2.       Develop a time frame for your goal

  3.       Be mentally tough, not every day will be easy

  4.       Be prepared

  5.       Think positive, look at the big picture

  6.       Practice forward thinking

  7.       Choose not to fail, you have the power

  8.       Don’t let mistakes dictate your self-worth


Tips to go dry

  1.       Ask a friend to go dry with you- making resolutions is easy but sticking to them is not. Asking a friend to go dry with you may offer accountability as well as fun.

  2.       Take note of how you feel- The first several days may be difficult as your body adjusts to your new routine without any alcohol. Writing in a journal and reflecting on how you feel may be a good method for well-being. Journaling at night along with a CBD oil or capsule can help transition to sleep time.

  3.       Replace your evening alcohol with an activity- instead of having a glass of wine in the evening replace it with sparkling water or tea and a session of yoga. CBD is great for after workouts and to help wind down for bed.

  4.       Be patient- Change can be very hard for most people, especially when altering one's behavior. You may be cranky or upset when you first begin the process but these are normal feelings. It’s important to remind yourself why you are following through with changes and let CBD support your well-being and use it daily.  




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This article was edited by Dr. Swathi and was written by Element Apothec Scientific Communications Intern, Lauren Katakowski. She is a published researcher and medical writer. She completed a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from Central Michigan University.

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