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Article: CBD & CBG for Lip Care

CBD & CBG for Lip Care

CBD & CBG for Lip Care


Element Apothec and Giella are teaming up. Giella will be offering the addition of Element Apothec’s cannabinoids CBD (cannabidiol, a naturally occuring major cannabinoid) and CBG (cannabigerol, a naturally occuring minor cannabinoid), into its beauty products, starting with the Giella lip care line. As beauty brands continue to seek new and innovative methods and formulations and follow the latest trends, the integration of wellness and clean ingredients is desired by the educated consumer. We know that CBD and CBG promote proper skin barrier function, and hydration, and are implicated in some skin disorders when used on the face. The skin on the lips is similar to the skin on the face but it is thinner, so it needs more tender love and care to stay hydrated and supple. Let’s dive into CBD and CBG and their benefits for lip care.


Cannabidiol, is one of the over 100 compounds found in cannabis and is found in hemp / cannabis plants. CBD is the major cannabinoid that has been investigated for anti-inflammatory properties, associations with promoting calmness, encouraging restful sleep, and easing discomfort when consumed orally. CBD can also be an effective solution topically for common skin problems. CBD can play a role in relieving minor skin irritations, supporting hydration, smoothing the texture of the skin, and promoting natural collagen production. (1,2)


Cannabigerol is one of the more than 100 identified cannabinoid compounds found in hemp / cannabis. It manifests in trace amounts in most strains. Considered the “mother of all cannabinoids”, it has been studied for medicinal properties because, without it, none of these cannabinoids could be synthesized (or created naturally).  CBG is a precursor and it is difficult to get high yields from the cannabis plant. It requires a specific process to isolate and filter it, which is why formulations with CBG are rare and potentially more costly. In addition to promoting gut health, boosting the immune system, and supporting brain health, CBG has topical benefits like those described with CBD. (3,4)

So, what does this mean for lip care?

CBD & CBG: A Dynamic Duo

Particularly in lip care and lip product formulations, the goals are to promote hydration, and plumpness, boost collagen, and to soothe. CBD and CBG can be a powerhouse duo alongside other nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and primrose oil which are included in the hand-crafted, moisture-rich lip products from Giella.

Hydrate & Nourish

CBD and CBG have been shown to soothe dry and flaky skin from inflammatory conditions. CBD and CBG help to calm an overactive immune system that may cause dryness. This makes CBD and CBG excellent hydrators and when formulated in a lip product they can soothe and hydrate dry lips.

Smooth Texture

CBD and CBG can improve skin elasticity and smoothness. With Inflammatory conditions that may cause redness, CBD and CBG can help to promote skin turnover and new cell growth.

Collagen Production

Our skin comprises the epidermis and the dermis. The dermis, which contains collagen, keeps our skin firm and resilient. Collagen production tends to decrease with age which leads to lines and wrinkles and sagging skin. CBD and CBG promote more resilient skin and elasticity of the skin. (5, 6)

The Bottom Line

Just like the skin on our face, it is important to have a lip care routine that includes gentle exfoliation, hydrating, treating, and protecting the delicate lip skin. Your lips don’t have the sebaceous glands found elsewhere on your skin, so this sets them up for dryness, especially in cold weather or extremely hot weather. A regular lip care routine, along with CBD and CBG and emollient ingredients provided by Element Apothec and Giella, and a sun protectant, will help to combat dryness and aging. CBD and CBG are not only skin protectants, they act as antioxidants to promote balance and homeostasis, promote skin barrier health and complement the nourishing ingredients in the hand-crafted, moisture-rich lip products from Giella. (6)



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This article was edited by Dr. Swathi and was written by Element Apothec Scientific Communications Intern, Lauren Katakowski. She is a published researcher and medical writer. She completed a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from Central Michigan University.

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