Lily Rose DMA Podcast - Building Your Health And Wellness Brand With Davina Kaonohi

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On this week's episode of Leslie and Lily, we have guest Davina Kaonohi of ELĒMENT APOTHĒC founder, entrepreneur, and strategic operational leader.  

As a strategic leader and brand creator, Davina is passionate about challenging the norm and making a difference with every company she has worked with. With Element Apothec, Davina brings to the table vast experience in team building, business strategy, and operational management, and a mission to create good in the world.

Davina is the CEO & Co-Founder of ELĒMENT APOTHĒC. Element Apothec is the trustworthy brand-conscious consumers are demanding. They have created clean, safe, and effective products with medical oversight and are committed to complete transparency. They look to disrupt and change, for the better, an industry that has abandoned responsibility for their consumers' wellbeing and health.

She is driven by a desire to truly make a difference both professionally and personally.