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Article: How To Recycle Your Element Apothec Packaging

How To Recycle Your Element Apothec Packaging

How To Recycle Your Element Apothec Packaging

Here at Element Apothec we have a lot of love for our planet. From working with an organic farm for our hemp, to picking the best packaging options, to sourcing sustainable ingredients, we factor the environment into every decision we make as a brand. 

While we have some long-term plans in the works on how we can improve our packaging to be even more sustainable, until then, our current packaging is nearly completely recyclable in most residential and commercial recycling programs. Before recycling, make sure to wash your bottles, jars, and droppers well to remove any left-behind materials. Then simply follow the steps below for each of our products.


Tincture Bottles

To recycle your tincture bottle, you'll have to separate out the mixed materials before you are able toss them in your recycling bins. Here's what to do...

How to recycle a tincture bottle 1

Gently (so the glass doesn’t break) wiggle the glass measuring part (pipette) of the dropper to separate it from the lid. It should pop out cleanly. This part is 100% glass so it can be recycled wherever you recycle glass.

Next, give a good tug to the soft, squishy bulb on top of the lid to remove it from the twist cap. This twist cap part is plastic and can be recycled where you recycle plastic bottles and containers, but the squishy part is made from rubber which is, unfortunately, not recyclable in traditional residential or city recycling. 

We recommend utilizing Terracycle (for this, and all other items you’re not sure how to recycle!) for resources on how to recycle just about anything. 

Recycle the glass bottle where you’d recycle glass. The paint on the bottle will be vaporized during the glass recycling process.

And that's it! You've now recycled your tincture bottle. You should feel proud about doing good for the planet. 

But wait,  you could always reuse your bottles!

Recycling is great, but reusing can be an even more sustainable option. Here are some ideas on how to reuse your bottles:

  1. They work great for storing liquid items in your toiletry bag when traveling like toner, eye makeup remover, and body oil. 
  2. If you’re into DIYing your own products, they’re perfect for homemade face oils and serums. 
  3. Use the glass bottom as a tiny bud vase.
  4. If you experiment in the kitchen, use them to store your homemade simple syrups and infused oils. 

Got a great reuse for our tincture bottles? Share them with us on social @elementapothec!

All of our other packaging is also recyclable. See how below...


Nourish | Lotion

Our Nourish | Lotion tube is a bioplastic made out of Sugarcane and is completely recyclable in your residential recycling program or wherever plastic is recycled. Please try to clean out as much of the lotion from the tube before recycling.


Belle Visage | Face Serum

Like the tincture bottles, the face serum bottle can be recycled similarly. You will need to separate the mixed materials into glass (bottle and pipette), plastic (screw cap) and rubber (bulb). Recycle according to the material. 


Relief | Balm

The jar for our Relief Balm is made of glass, the lid is made of plastic. Separate the two and place them in their respective residential recycling containers or take to a recycling center. Don't forget to wash out the jar first!


Relief | Wellness Patch

Our Relief | Wellness Patch packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable. The outer box is cardboard and can be placed in with your paper recycling. The pouch that the patches come in is a craft paper outer shell with a plant based film liner on the inside. The pouch is entirely compostable and can be put in the regular trash and will break down completely over time. 


Element Apothec Outer Packaging

Element Apothec tincture bottle and tube

All of our outer packaging (paper tubes) are made out of cardboard so they can be recycled with other paper products.

We can all do our part to take care of our planet. It's the only on we have. Take a little extra time to recycle your Element Apothec packaging and feel good about helping our planet out. 

Got any other ideas or suggestions? Leave a comment below or send us an email at

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