Element Apothec is an innovative and purpose-driven consumer brand focused on CBD-infused wellness and body care products which combine the healing power of nature with the ingenuity of science. We are passionate about formulating products that are healthy for your body, inside and out; advocating for higher standards; creating social impact; and empowering consumers via transparency and education, all while holding ourselves accountable to unparalleled standards of safety and quality.


The healing power of nature and plant-based wellness is great. Adding scientific innovations and breakthroughs makes everything even better. That’s our philosophy, and it’s just another way we’re working to earn your trust.

The healing power of nature + scientific innovation. It’s Clean / Science.


It's important to know what goes in and on your body. That is why we will never omit any ingredient on our ingredient list or hide behind "proprietary" blends. You, as our customer, will always know what is in our products, why they're in our formulations, and where they come from. That's not radical transparency, that's just the way we do things around here.


There is only one planet Earth. It is our only home and we believe that it must be protected. This is why we keep this in mind with everything we do . From the ingredients we source to the packaging we use, we always consider the environmental impact and act in a responsible and ethical way.

Knowing makes us stronger

We will inform, educate, and empower our customers with the knowledge to make accurate decisions about the products you put in and your bodies. We are creating a platform to share knowledge about the therapeutic benefits of CBD and plant-based medicine and integrative wellness. This comes in the form of our Element Apothec Blog and our weekly podcast, "Contemporary Cannabis: The Science Behind the Plant".

100% Clean

We pledge to formulate our products with clean, natural ingredients, free from any chemicals, toxins, or generally bad stuff. Promise.

Effective and purposeful, on purpose

Every ingredient we use is selected for its therapeutic properties and serves a specific purpose. That means making sure we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, safety and effectiveness. No less.


We take ingredient sourcing as our top priority — there’s way too much shady stuff in the CBD world today and you deserve to know you’re getting the best. Our Broad Spectrum CBD oil is extracted from select, sustainably cultivated, U.S. grown hemp using a patented process that meets our rigorous standards for taste, color, potency and purity.


Through our team's Chief Science Officer and Chief Medical Advisor, in addition to partnering with and seeking counsel from experts, other world-class doctors and researchers, we ensure we’re offering the most effective, most innovative products we can. We also stay abreast of new developments and research on wellness, plant-based medicine and CBD — and pass it all along to you.


We understand that trust is earned, not given. We are focused on earning that trust through complete transparency, education, and a commitment to giving back. Actions, not words, are what define the character of a company.


Not only are we committed to creating the cleanest, safest, and most effective products available, we are also committed to doing good by the planet we live on. This is why we have joined the "1% For the Planet" movement and will be giving 1% of gross sales each year to their approved nonprofit partners through a variety of support including monetary, volunteering, and promotional support.