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Relief | Wellness Patch

Our transdermal patch blends the power of 35mg of hemp-derived CBD with healing botanicals to ease muscle discomfort and soothe your body.

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Supports Mobility

Overall Body Wellness

Muscle Recovery

Eases Tension

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Relief | Wellness Patch Sale price$59.99

Relief Wellness Patch

Muscle Recovery and Comfort Now

Experience soothing relief and muscle recovery like never before with our Relief Wellness Patch. Each patch boasts 35mg of premium CBD isolate, combined with healing botanicals like wintergreen, menthol, and rosemary. These ingredients work harmoniously to provide targeted relief to sore muscles, easing tension and discomfort. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of our Relief Wellness Patch for a life in motion.


Ingredient Spotlight

Our Hemp

Not all hemp is created equally. Our hemp is grown on a multi-generational family-owned farm which was among the first growers of hemp in Kentucky in 2015. The hemp is grown on rich, fertile land which is USDA Certified 100% organic. Some CBD oil producers use hemp grown with pesticides and herbicides. These substances can leave residues on the surface of plants and leaves.


Wintergreen, with its active compound methyl salicylate, offers remarkable benefits for pain relief. Applied topically, it can alleviate muscle and joint discomfort by promoting blood circulation and reducing inflammation. Its cooling sensation provides soothing relief and its natural analgesic properties can help ease headaches and migraines as well. Incorporating this botanical remedy into your pain management routine can offer effective relief from various aches and pains, contributing to improved comfort and well-being.


Rosemary, a fragrant herb with powerful pain-relieving properties, has been used for centuries to alleviate various discomforts. Its essential oil contains compounds like camphor and rosmarinic acid, which offer anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. When applied topically or used in aromatherapy, rosemary oil can help relieve sore muscles and joint pain. Additionally, its stimulating aroma may aid in reducing tension headaches. Incorporating rosemary into your wellness routine can provide natural and holistic relief from pain, contributing to a more comfortable and active lifestyle.