Well+Good | Acid Reflux & Yoga


If you’re doing yoga on your own, be mindful of the poses you choose. “Some that are notably helpful for reducing acid reflux are chair, dancer, and mountain pose—all standing poses,” says Gina Newton, a yoga teacher and NASM-certified personal trainer. “Reclining bound angle, warrior I, and triangle poses are also all supportive."

If you prefer taking yoga classes rather than creating your own flow, Newton recommends sticking “to the slow, gentle yoga versus heated, power yoga in order to bring more peace and calm to your body.”

Just know that you'll likely have to make modifications. You'll want to avoid inverted poses, such as downward dog, since they “could cause acid to move up the gastrointestinal tract, from the stomach up into the esophagus, causing an uncomfortable burning sensation,” says Swathi Varanasi, an integrative health pharmacist. If your instructor gives this pose, try alternatives until you find something that feels more comfortable, like a plank or child’s pose, or just take a break whenever the class flows through downward dog.

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