The Ellementa Show: What Are Adaptogens and Why They Matter with Dr. Swathi

Have you heard of adaptogens? As we move into 2021, we really need them in our lives.

Adaptogens may seem to be the newest health fad, but we assure you, they are not! There is actual evidence supporting their use – not to mention centuries of use as medicine.

Join “The Ellementa Show” host, Aliza Sherman, and her guest, Dr. Swathi, for Part II of our exploration of Adaptogens: What Are They and Why They Matter.  We welcome back our five-time guest (do we love her, or what?), Integrative Health Pharmacist, Dr. Swathi Varanasi. She’ll bring her lively and informed perspectives on adaptogens.

Take this dive deeper into the realm of adaptogens. Get ready to learn which adaptogens could be the most vital for your health and healing in the new year, and how you can incorporate them into our daily practices.

To watch this episode, click here.

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