Scientific Communications Internship Alumni Spotlight | Trang Tran, PharmD

Last week, Dr. Swathi took a moment to catch up with Elēment Apothēc Scientific Communications Internship alumni, Dr. Trang Tran. Over one and half years, she contributed nearly 20 pieces of scientifically-driven content for the Elēment Apothēc Blog. She recently left the internship to pursue a health & wellness writer position at top online platform, Verywell Health.

1. How do you feel the internship helped you in your career path?

The internship helped me build a writing portfolio and hone my writing and research skills in the area of integrative health, which helped me land a freelance update writer position. 

2. What is the one of the biggest / most significant things you learned in the internship?

Not only did the internship give me the opportunity to contribute to the blog, but it also provided me with a pharmacy mentorship. And one of the biggest things I learned from my mentors, Dr. Swathi and Dr.Choudhury, is to explore unknown territories and be bold in paving an unconventional pharmacy career pathway that aligns with my life purpose. In essence, I learned that pharmacists can take the path less traveled and in doing so, they help create unique opportunities or services for others. 

3. Why would you recommend that a student / HCP be a part of the internship program?

Being a part of the internship program will open many doors of opportunities as you gain new skills and expand your connections with like-minded individuals.

"We are so proud to be a part of the growth of our interns–and see where they land. Proud of you, Dr. Tran!"
Dr. Swathi Varanasi, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Elēment Apothēc

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