Intern Spotlight | Stephany Flores, PharmD Candidate

Name: Stephany Flores 
Hometown: Houston, Texas
School: Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy
Why Element Apothec: I love how Element Apothec takes the time to connect with their customers by educating them in several topics. I love to surround myself with passionate people and bond over the same aspirations to better help our community.
Favorite Podcast: “Life on the Pharm” with Mehir Virk 
Favorite Vacation Spot: Seattle, Washington 
Underrated Health & Wellness Tip: Wear sunscreen and drink water! (Yes, even when it is gloomy outside!)
Random Fact: I have found a passion for couponing! Being a student has obligated me to budget and above that I love paying under a buck for toothpaste!  

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