Intern Alumni Spotlight | Kristina Telhami, PharmD Candidate

Name: Kristina Telhami
Hometown: Riverside, CA
School: Keck Graduate Institute School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Why Element Apothec: I have used CBD for quite some time, but I personally do not trust every product out there. It is hard to find a good quality product with clean ingredients that actually works. Element Apothec has clean ingredients and is doctor-formulated, so it is something I am willing to put in / on my body!
Favorite Podcast: "The Doctor's Farmacy" by Dr. Mark Hyman
Favorite Vacation Spot: Cancun, Mexico
Underrated Health & Wellness Tip: Walking! I take so many walks outside daily for not only movement, but also for mental health and mental clarity. Walking helps decrease my stress levels, and getting outside in the sun helps boosts my mood!
Random Fact: I was baptized in Israel and I used to play rugby in high school!

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