Founder's Favorites | Holiday Gift Guide


This holiday season, as you take care of your loved ones, don't forget about taking care of yourself–because when you are the best version of you, you can show up that much better for those around you.

Our founders pick out their favorite Elēment Apothēc products they use in their daily self-care routines:


"I love and use our Nourish Lotion every day. As a very active individual, I am constantly experiencing dry and irritable skin. Whether it’s my hands, elbows, knees or anywhere else, our Nourish Lotion works amazingly well to moisturize dry areas and soothe my itchy, irritated skin. Even my dry and cracked knuckles are no match for our lotion. And on top of it all, I love the smell."

– David Crowther, Chief Operating Officer


"The Belle Visage is unlike any other serum I've ever tried–and, believe me, I've tried *so* many! Using it everyday has changed my skin for the better. It's more clear, even and less prone to breakouts. One of the reasons I love it most is that it's an all-in-one serum. So long are the days that I need an 11-step routine to get glowing skin that makes me confident from the inside out."

– Dr. Swathi Varanasi, Chief Scientific Officer


"The Calm Cool Collected has become one of my favorite products in my wellness routine. I take it everyday alongside my other supplements. As an entrepreneur, mom and active individual in today’s busy world having both my my mind and body performing at an optimal level is critical. I couldn’t imagine my days without this tincture."

– Davina Kaonohi, Chief Executive Officer

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