CBD and Sexual Wellness


Research suggests that CBD oil may have a positive impact on sexual well-being, including reducing inflammation and increasing circulation to boost arousal and sensitivity to touch.

What are the benefits of CBD for sexual wellness?

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular in the sexual wellness market, and with good reason! Many people are able to use these products as a way to enhance their sex lives–like supporting the reduction of overall stress or pain during intercourse, or even promoting better sleep to improve erectile function and libido. Read on to learn more about the benefits of CBD for sexual wellness.

How does CBD interact with the nervous system?

CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system by directly affecting our homeostasis—the way we balance stress and relaxation factors in our bodies. But unlike THC, CBD does not create a high when consumed. What it does do is influence how we process serotonin and dopamine—the neurotransmitters that control sleep patterns and moods. Based on mechanism alone, this means that cannabis may positively impact aspects of sexual health such as arousal, libido, pleasure (and pain) response, orgasm quality, and performance anxiety. 

How can CBD lower my stress and anxiety levels?

Stress and anxiety can cause a range of issues, from low sex drive to trouble achieving orgasm. Stress and anxiety can also lead to bad habits, such as smoking and unhealthy diets, which can cause even more issues with sexual health. That’s why it’s important to find ways to lower stress. In addition to other non-pharmacological options such as  meditation or yoga, consider using cannabidiol (CBD). Research shows that this natural substance may lower anxiety levels, increase relaxation, improve sleep quality, and promote a positive mood.

What should my CBD dose be?

It’s important to remember that dosage is crucial when it comes to CBD. Taking too much can cause you to feel groggy and sedative while taking too little may not provide you the results you're looking for. If you aren’t sure how much is appropriate, talk with a doctor or pharmacist who is familiar with CBD–like our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Swathi. We, at Element Apothec, and here for you–please let do not hesitate to reach out!


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This article was edited by Dr. Swathi and was written by Element Apothec Scientific Communications Intern, Dr. Jessie Phipps Fox. She graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy in Davie, Florida, and is currently a Medical Affairs / Medical Communications Postdoctoral Fellow in Fort Worth, Texas.

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