Brave New Weed Podcast: A New Role for Pharmacists in Medical Cannabis & CBD with Dr. Swathi Varanasi

Dr. Swathi is blazing a path into the new field of integrative pharmacology and pharmacy, one that blends the science of healing plant medicines with pharmaceuticals. It makes sense, since most of us are using some combination of the two already. It would help us all if we knew which compounds work better together and which combinations to avoid. Dr. Swathi has dedicated her practice to educating people and pharmacists about medical cannabis and CBD. She is also a consultant to Element Apothec, a new line of skincare, beauty and wellness CBD products hitting the market early next year (note: this was recorded before Element Apothec launched products).

Disclosure: Swathi is the co-author of the “Cannabis Science and Therapeutics for Pharmacists” course that Medical Cannabis Mentor just launched (and is currently on sale). Her dedication so inspired me that I invited her to collaborate in creating the course. Life is short and we prefer working with people who inspire each other.  

To listen to this episode, click here.

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