Element Apothec Announces New Product Line That Meets Premium Quality Standards

Elēment Apothēc, a startup based out of Southern California launched an entire line of premium tinctures and luxurious topicals. This beauty and wellness brand recently announced that it is planning a launch of self-care products belonging to a premium line in North America during this fall. Elēment Apothēc has set out on a mission to create natural products that are effective, keeping in mind the health of the user as well as the environment. Elēment Apothēc maintains standards that are unparalleled in the CBD industry. The company’s product line is comprised of clean and natural ingredients, apart from being responsibly sourced hemp-derived phytocannabinoids. Moreover, each of its products is manufactured by following the GMP Guidelines laid out by  Food and Drug Administration and all of them would meet GFSI standards.

Davina Kaonohi, CEO of Elēment Apothēc stated that the company was founded with the goal of ensuring people live better and healthier lives with the help of cleaner and naturally-derived wellness products that can be trusted by them. Kaonohi further stated that the company wanted to keep its focus on bringing in the transparency that is needed as well as to reshape consumer expectations for those products that contain CBD, including other phytocannabinoids. He further believed that consumers who are using CBD products deserved to know what they were putting in as well as on their body.

Each Elēment Apothēc product is being crafted by using natural ingredients of the highest quality, that harnesses the power of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids. Each of these products is subsequently produced by using advanced chromatography for the purpose of delivering true, broad-spectrum CBD, CBN and CBG, without THC. All products of the brand are free from any toxic or harmful substances, that include pesticides, heavy metals and many others. In addition to that, all of these products are never tested on animals.

Elēment Apothēc, through its partnership with TagOne has been keeping its promise of offering complete transparency with respect to its ingredients, including the sources of its ingredients. Every Elēment Apothēc product packaging is scanned using the QR code, which keeps the customers immersed in the product’s story, thereby revealing a traceability map that outlines the ‘seed to sale’ path for each of its natural ingredients.

Several clean beauty and wellness products will be offered by Elēment Apothēc at the time of their launch, with some of them being Calm Cool Collected Oil Roller, Relief Balm, Nourish Lotion and Calm Cool Collected Tincture.

The products of Elēment Apothēc will be made available for the customers during the third quarter of 2020.